Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home for the holidays

Right now I am sitting at the computer screen, still in my pajamas, sipping my coffee as my mom finishes up her baking projects in the kitchen, and my two brothers, two sisters and dad are having a lively time playing Wii in the living room. It's so good to be home, even amidst all the commotion; the joking, the bantering, and the game playing is all part of a typical family holiday weekend...spending time with loved ones, back home in a cozy and familiar place. Ah. I wasn't going to come home for Thanksgiving because I didn't have enought time to drive up to Pittsburgh from Nashville, but when I realized that my break was actually longer than I had expected, I decided to hop in the car, hit the road, and journey 10 hours to be home for the holidays. I am very glad I made the trek.

I am not going to be ready to head back on my independent adventure tomorrow morning, But for now I will store up all the family togetherness to carr with me as I embark again on my journey once more.

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