Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to the grind

Well, it is officially mid-August, and we all know what that means. Summer is wrapping up, making way for the beginning of the school year. The sun is setting a little earlier each evening, reminding us that fall is on it's way. The carefree days of summer are soon to be replaced by the schedules, routines, and planners of September.

I am sad that the diversions of summer are officially over for me, but in a way, relieved to be back to more of a settled routine. It had been a lovely summer, brimming with blessings -- I feel so grateful for all the opportunities I had to enjoy new adventures, see new places, celebrate milestone moments, and visit with dear friends and family. Since May, I was in 10 states (4 for the first time!), attended 3 weddings, had a friend from Washington, D.C. to visit, a friend from Louisiana come to visit, a friend from Missouri come to visit, and my sister from Pennsylvania come to visit. During which, we explored the delightful summer fun that middle Tennessee has to offer (more on that later). I also got involved volunteering at a super fun cooking school at the Nashville Whole Foods, and began volunteering with women's ministry downtown.

My cup truly overflows, and I am so grateful.

Though I it is slightly depressing that the summer is drawing to a close, there is a lot I am looking forward to this fall. Classes start at the college where I work this coming Wednesday. I am looking forward to having the students back, and for the library to be bustling once again. (Although I might regret saying that in a few weeks.) I also have been working on several new projects over the summer that I am excited to implement this coming school year. I am looking forward to continuing to grow professionally, as well as continue to develop relationships with my colleagues and help foster community within the campus.

I am also looking forward to being a bit more diligent about my fitness and healthy eating endeavors, and to make that more of a routine priority. It is difficult to maintain a good exercise and eating commitment amidst all the traveling and company. Here's to buckling down and making that a big priority once again!

And of course, with more of a routine, is the hope that I can be back blogging again regularly!

How about you? What were the highlights of your summer? What are you looking forward to with the coming of fall?

But for today, on this Saturday in mid-August, the bright warm sunshine still boasts of summer ripeness. Perhaps I might even get to take a dip at my friend's pool. And in a few minutes I am going to head out to the local farmer's market where summer's bounty will still be abundant. For today, I will relish the summery-ness while it lasts!

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