Friday, February 18, 2011

For those who wait

I had a very lovely Valentine's Day. Although it didn't include a romantic date with the man of my dreams, it did include a delightful dinner party with a few other single young ladies that I have met through work and the young adult group here. Thanks to my friend Joannie who hosted the dinner, we had a wonderful evening of delicious Italian food, and chocolate, and chocolate, and strawberries, and chocolate and just all around good fellowship. I am so grateful for the wonderful gals in my life, old and new, who have become dear friends and have inspired and encouraged me tremendously.

It was poignant though, because as I was driving to this dinner party, this song came on the Christian radio station. I hadn't been emotional at all during the day. I generally am not on Valentine's Day, because I am one of those people that thinks it's more of a commercial holiday than anything else.

The very first line of this song caught me off guard though, and then reached the core of me: "This is for those who wait."

I thought of myself, waiting. I thought of my friends I was going to spend the evening with, and all of my friends across the US, truly lovely and incredible ladies, who are also "those who wait." I was touched, thinking of the courage that these women exude, even in the midst of great uncertainty, in the midst of waiting on the Lord to bring the right man into their lives, in the midst of their heroic patience, in the midst of their supplications to the Lord, in the midst of their surrender to His will. I truly felt like this song was speaking to us.

This is for those who wait.


  1. thank you for sharing!!! I meant to look it up that night after you told me about it. And thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day, too. : )
    Have you heard "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller? Another good song -- one that always reminds me I'm supposed to be DOING something during this waiting time God has given me!

  2. Yes! That's s good one too! :-)