Sunday, February 6, 2011

The unfolding of the Kingdom

“Across the distance, steals, perhaps, the fragrance of God; I can even hear the whisper of his voice. Gradually I find that there are inner meanings to all of these sanctities of God, which come only to those who patiently await the unfolding seed of the kingdom.”
~ Father Bede Jarrett, O.P.

To “patiently await the unfolding seed of the kingdom” is the hardest thing to learn. Our Lady was a model in this. For certainly she didn’t rush through the day-to-day, begging for the Kingdom to come, already. She trusted, probably sometimes with confusion and uncertainty, in the perfection of God’s timing. Christ Himself had to trudge through His earthly life, living a quiet, hidden existence for 30 years, waiting for His public ministry to begin, patient in His Father’s time for the perfect unfolding seed of the kingdom.

How many seeds I have in my life, waiting to see them unfold. This meditation beckons me to look closer, deeper, longer. If I do, might I see that the seeds are unfolding? The sanctities of God being revealed in minuet but calculated ways. With each moment of acceptance, a tiny glimmer.

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