Friday, April 1, 2011

The variety of librarianship

For those of you who follow my blog to stay updated on the happenings of my life, I am sorry that I do not provide more specific updates on my job. I feel that it is important to keep work/life boundaries, especially in the internet age! For that reason I feel it best to only talk about my job in general terms on this blog. However, I will say that for the most part, I am really enjoying my new job as an academic reference librarian. It is providing me with so many opportunities for professional and personal growth, and I am extremely grateful for that. It's also giving me a chance to dabble in different areas of interest, such as teaching, creating research guides, and even assisting with a writing program.

One of the greatest parts about being a reference librarian, many will tell you, is that no two days are the same, and there is always such variety to research questions that you answer. This really is true, I am discovering! For example, the other day I spent the morning helping students research medical-surgical procedures using complex medical databases, and I spent the afternoon helping a student research Plato and philosophies on relativism. My brain was truly huffing and puffing from such a drastic switch of topics -- this is arguably one of the only jobs where you could find such variety. A good intellectual workout!

For the endlessly curious mind. like my own. always asking questions and seeking to learn more while helping others, this is the perfect job!

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