Monday, January 10, 2011

Unsettled yet settled

Perhaps as can be expected, my comfort level living here in Nashville goes in waves. One day I feel happy to be here, more-and-more acclimated, and full of serenity about my new life here in Nashville. The next day (which happens to be today), I feel confused, unsettled, and out of place. I think that because I have moved so many times in the past 7 years, as much as I want to get "settled" and put down roots, I am scared to, because of the vulnerability it takes to go out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I know that I must take heart in the fact that God has led me here, though, and I will slowly get more "settled" here in good time. Unfortunately, living in a "instantaneous" world, it would be a lot more comfortable if this happened instantaneously. But for now I will try to savor the joys and grow from the challenges.

After all, being "unsettled", in a metaphysical sense, isn't so bad after all. For if we are "settled" in this world alone, we are unlikely to seek heaven as our true home. We need to use our "unsettledness" within the world in order to settle in the Lord, to nestle close to His heart.

As a (at least formerly) nomadic young adult, I have been trying to pray this prayer and rest in it's truth:
* ~ "My home is in His heart" ~ *

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