Saturday, June 11, 2011

Searching and being sought

A few weeks ago I discovered the blog Witness to Hope, by Sr. Dorcee Clarey. You know how every so often you discover a sort of "kindred spirit" blog or author who really speaks to your unique perspective or struggles? I have found this one to be so. I am especially enjoying reading through some of the quotes that she posts from various saints and authors. I loved this quote that she posted the other day, and I thought I would share it here.

Radnor Lake, Nashville, Tennesse

"The condition of search . . . presupposes another condition that the words of the Mystical Doctor [St. John of the Cross] always imply. It is the condition of being sought. God is there in the shadows; He has been seeking the soul, inviting it, calling it to Himself with the cry of infinite and incomprehensible love. He says to every soul: 'I have loved thee by name; thou art Mine.' And this is no sudden movement on the part of God! It is a search that had no beginning. “I have loved thee,” He says, 'with an everlasting love.' " - Jessica Powers, OCD (article, "Who hath loved us first")

Happy Saturday. You are loved!

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